2021-22 Academic Year Graduation Program

Our students who graduated in the 2021-2022 academic year performed their graduation program on Sunday, June 12, 2022, after the prayer, accompanied by the Qur'an recitation and concert at the "Bartın Şadırvan Mosque." The people of Bartın, who came to the mosque and were guests of our students' graduation program, were also very pleased. At the end of the program, which was held with the participation of our faculty members and mufti officials, the students who graduated were congratulated by the participants in the mosque, accompanied by prayers.
  • Accreditation Preparation Meeting was held (17.08.2022)

  • 2021-22 Academic Year Graduation Program

  • A Certificate for Congratulation has been given to our Students and Counselors considered worthy of supporting the 2209-A Project

  • “The Geography of the Ummah: Palestine”

  • Graduation Picnic

  • Orientation Training

  • Orientation Training

  • Accreditation Training

  • A meeting was held about the distance education system to be applied in the autumn semester

  • Duty Change in the Faculty of Islamic Sciences