An Arabic Knowledge Contest Was Held At Our Faculty

The Arabic information contest event hosted by Mahmoud Qaddom began at 3:00 p.m. at Kutlubey campus Numerical Classroom Building Conference Hall on 02.05.2019. The program started with a wide range of participation by our students. Qaddom underlined the importance of language learning. Qaddom said that Arabic came at the beginning of the languages that should give importance after our beautiful Turkish language. Later, Qaddom continued his words as follows: “Arabic is both a tool and a goal. It's a tool, you can learn all the sciences through it. it is a goal, it is possible for him to win the world and the hereafter. With this understanding, why not a second language that we will learn in Arabic?”. Then Prof. Dr. Asife Unal made a salutation speech. The jury members of the competition were selected from the faculty members of the Arabic Language. 5 groups competed in the competition. 5 questions were held for groups to answer and between each session, again by the students of our faculty read Arabic hymns. At the end of the competition, gifts were presented to those who succeeded and the program ended with a photo shoot.

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  • TS EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Internal Audit

  • Consulting support was given to the students who will make their career plans by the displays of our university on Bartin Cumhuriyet Square

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  • An Arabic Knowledge Contest Was Held At Our Faculty

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