“Halal Food and Healthy Life” Panel

“Halal Food and Healthy Living” Panel was held by our faculty and Bartın University Fraternity Club

In the event held at the Kutlubey Campus Mimar Sinan Conference Hall, the concept of halal food was handled differently. Prof. Dr. Azize Toper Kaygın, Deputy Dean of the faculty moderated the panel which was participated as a speaker by Dr. Mehmet Akbulut, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Selcuk University and Food Engineering Faculty Member, Doğan Yazar, TSE Deputy Secretary General, Mehmet Akbulut, TSE Deputy Secretary General Doğan Yazar, Faculty Member of the Faculty of Islamic Law. Abdülmecit Karaarslan, Faculty Member of the Faculty of Islamic Law, Erdoğan Köycü, Faculty Member for Hadith.

  • Accreditation Preparation Meeting was held (17.08.2022)

  • 2021-22 Academic Year Graduation Program

  • A Certificate for Congratulation has been given to our Students and Counselors considered worthy of supporting the 2209-A Project

  • “The Geography of the Ummah: Palestine”

  • Graduation Picnic

  • Orientation Training

  • Orientation Training

  • Accreditation Training

  • A meeting was held about the distance education system to be applied in the autumn semester

  • Duty Change in the Faculty of Islamic Sciences