Kastamonu Trip Was Organized

A technical and cultural trip was organized on 05.05.2019 in Kastamonu with the cooperation of our University's Brotherhood Club and Faculty. 90 students from the 4th Grade students of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences participated the trip. Kastamonu journey, which started at 07:00 in the morning, was made by two buses allocated by our university. Ümmühan ARK, Feyza Nur KALECİ, M. Yunus YAZICI and Ubeydullah EFE and our administrative staff Buket KARAAĞIN accompanied our students during the trip. The trip program started at 10:30 am with the arrival of Kastamonu. The first stop on the Kastamonu tour was the Vedat Tek Culture and Art Center. Here, Yakup ERDOĞAN and Gürkan ÇALIŞKAN welcomed our students throughout our trip. General information about Culture and Art Center was given and Located here were visited Turkey's first and only hat museum. The program continued with giving information about Cumhuriyet Square, Atatürk and Şehit Şerife Bacı Monument and the historical buildings around it. The next stop was Yakup Agha Mosque and the complex. After obtaining information about Yakup Agha's identity and the characteristics of the mosque, a souvenir photo was taken with our students. Then we visited Atabey Gazi Mosque, Liva Pasha Mansion, Ethnography Museum, Archeology Museum, Ibn Neccar Mosque and finally Sheikh Şaban-ı Veli Complex. Our students, who were very satisfied with the flow of the program and the interest of our guides, expressed their satisfaction.

  • Orientation Programme

  • Trainings on "Legislation" and "Crisis Management"

  • TS EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Internal Audit

  • Consulting support was given to the students who will make their career plans by the displays of our university on Bartin Cumhuriyet Square

  • July 15th Commemoration

  • Graduation Ceremony: Joy Together With Sadness

  • Kastamonu Trip Was Organized

  • “Employment Areas And Spiritual Counseling İn The Presidency Of Religious Affairs” Conference Was Organized By Our Faculty.

  • An Arabic Knowledge Contest Was Held At Our Faculty

  • “Stress Management And Anger Management İn Islam” Conference Was Conducted.