“Stress Management And Anger Management İn Islam” Conference Was Conducted.

Dean Of Theology Faculty Of Osmangazi University Prof. Dr. Mustafa Yıldırım gave a lecture on “Stress Management And Anger Management İn Islam” at our University on 22.04.2019. The program which was carried out by Mürşide Serim, one of the students of our faculty, started with the Qur'an which was given by Metin Yılmaz, one of the students of our faculty. Opening speech, Prof. Dr. Azize Toper Kaygın performed. Toper stated that stress is always present in our daily lives, and that medium and low-level stress has a positive effect on success according to experts. Also excessive stress can lead to both physiological and psychological damage, creating a barrier for success and happiness, she said. She said that anger has been experienced today in family domestic violence, street fights, traffic and many other places. She underlined that we should take advantage of our spiritual resources. The program continued with a conference by Prof. Dr. Mustafa Yıldırım. Yıldırım pointed out the importance of Turkish-Islamic tradition in human psychology. According to Islam, the main way to cope with stress “Tevekkül”, but it is often a misunderstood behavior, he said. After Prof. Dr. Mustafa Yıldırım's speech, the program ended with a certificate of appreciation and a gift presentation.

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