Bartın University Faculty of Islamic Sciences Members Published Five New Books in 2019

  • Quran Reading and Tajwid Exemption Exam was held within the scope of "Recognition of Prior Learning".

  • Farewell Dinner for Prof. Asife UNAL

  • New Students of Our Faculty Sweated in the "Exemption Exam"

  • Assoc. Dr. Mehmet ERGUN preached a sermon about "Commanding Good, Forbidding Evil"

  • Student Focus Group Meeting Was Held

  • The Very 1st Advisory Board Meeting of the Year was held

  • Career Days Event with the participation of one of our graduates M. Mesut Sarkoz

  • Our Lecturers Met with Primary and Secondary School Students

  • Preparation Seminar for Summer Quran Courses by Dr. Murat MİRZAOĞLU

  • "End of Year" Event from Our Faculty Alumni