Divinity Schools Accreditation Information Meeting was held

On 2nd of January 2020, Dr. Halis AYDEMİR and members of the board Selami ERDOĞAN, Faruk SOYLEV visited our Faculty and gave information about accreditation of Divinity Schools.
  • Quran Reading and Tajwid Exemption Exam was held within the scope of "Recognition of Prior Learning".

  • Farewell Dinner for Prof. Asife UNAL

  • New Students of Our Faculty Sweated in the "Exemption Exam"

  • Assoc. Dr. Mehmet ERGUN preached a sermon about "Commanding Good, Forbidding Evil"

  • Student Focus Group Meeting Was Held

  • The Very 1st Advisory Board Meeting of the Year was held

  • Career Days Event with the participation of one of our graduates M. Mesut Sarkoz

  • Our Lecturers Met with Primary and Secondary School Students

  • Preparation Seminar for Summer Quran Courses by Dr. Murat MİRZAOĞLU

  • "End of Year" Event from Our Faculty Alumni