Graduation Ceremony: Joy Together With Sadness

It's 11th of the Bartin University and our first Graduation Ceremony were held with great enthusiasm with students and the families. 2 830 students who succeeded in completing their education experienced the excitement of graduation. 
Prof. Orhan Uzun as the current Chancellor noted that Bartin University produces qualified studies with the number of academic staff reaching 595 at the point of qualified education and knowledge output.

Prof. Azize Toper Kaygın as the Deputy Dean of Islamic Sciences Faculty also said "Today, this ceremony has a special meaning for us. We share with you the joy and pride for the first graduates of  Islamic Sciences Faculty."

In the graduation ceremony, Büşra Özen; Berkan Oğuz from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Hatice Temizkan from the Faculty of Islamic Sciences, Emine Güldemir from the Vocational School of Health Services, Büşra Dinç from the Vocational School of Health Services and Aslı Çelikten from Bartın Vocational School were awarded with certificates of achievement.

At the end of the ceremonies held in 6 different programs on June 25-26, 2019, graduates always read the moment of graduation. There was great enthusiasm with the graduation students throwing caps together. Graduates and their families who did not leave the area for a long time at the end of the ceremonies taking many photos to commemorate the day.
  • Orientation Programme

  • Trainings on "Legislation" and "Crisis Management"

  • TS EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Internal Audit

  • Consulting support was given to the students who will make their career plans by the displays of our university on Bartin Cumhuriyet Square

  • July 15th Commemoration

  • Graduation Ceremony: Joy Together With Sadness

  • Kastamonu Trip Was Organized

  • “Employment Areas And Spiritual Counseling İn The Presidency Of Religious Affairs” Conference Was Organized By Our Faculty.

  • An Arabic Knowledge Contest Was Held At Our Faculty

  • “Stress Management And Anger Management İn Islam” Conference Was Conducted.